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The following pages show upcoming events. These are listed in more detail in the BArts' Programme. Clicking some icons will take you to a page with more information or booking details.

Please click on a month to the left.


Let's Do Lunch Series
5 MAY - 'Family Matters'
19 MAY -
'Family Matters' - repeat
2 JUNE - 'It Ain't Necessarily So!'
14 JULY - 'Forgotten Dreams'
7 SEPTEMBER - 'Home Seet Home'

22 SEPTEMBER - 'Home Sweet Home' - repeat
16 NOVEMBER - 'Crime Does Pay!'
24 NOVEMBER - 'Crime Does Pay!' - repeat
12 JANUARY - 'Elgar, the Enigmatic Englishman'
18 JANUARY - '
Elgar, the Enigmatic Englishman' - repeat



For full details see the BArts Programme, available at One Stop Shops and other venues, or call 01992 465383.




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